Cannabis Pathogen Screen

MEMP Assay on Display

Our Cannabis Pathogen Screen (CPS) test provides detection of two pathogens and four potentially hazardous molds: Aspergillus flavus, A. fumigatus, A. niger, and A. terreus, in cannabis and cannabis-infused products in one streamlined protocol. Key Features of the Cannabis Pathogen Screen are: the detection of six parameters in one test protocol, inclusion of lysis buffer solution, conveniently lyophilized PCR reagents, inclusion of internal amplification controls (IAC), compatibility with most real-time PCR instruments, and validation of all relevant cannabis matrices.

Total QC-qPCR

The Applied Food Diagnostics’ Total QC-qPCR assays simultaneously detects the target food pathogen along with the reporter-labeled quality control strain, tagged with Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP). The Total QC-qPCR line immediately distinguishes a quality control positive strain tagged with a GFP while identifying naturally occurring wild strain positives on the same aliquot during the initial rapid screening procedure. The Total QC-qPCR line is valid for all major food pathogens including but not limited to; E. coli O157:H7, Shiga Toxin producing E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria spp., Listeria monocytogenes, Cronobacter sakazakii, and Vibrio Cholerae.

SIMUL q-PCR on display

MEMP Assays

MEMP Assay on Display

Trust the Applied Food Diagnostics’ MEMP-qPCR assay for a quick and reliable method of detecting Listeria or Salmonella on your environmental surface. The MEMP Assays have been validated by the AOAC™ Research Institute under the Performance Test Methods™ program. These assays require no enrichment, allowing for results to be determined in less than 2 hours. The MEMP Salmonella assay is the only one of its kind validated by the AOAC. All MEMP assays are designed to the have the same instrument run time, allowing simultaneous identification of all MEMP assays.

SIMUL q-PCR Assays

The Applied Food Diagnostics’ SIMUL-qPCR assays are a quick and reliable method for detecting Listeria, Salmonella or the Top 7 Shiga-toxin producing E. coli. All SIMUL assays are designed to the have the same instrument run time, allowing simultaneous identification of all SIMUL assay targets. The SIMUL Assays have been validated by the AOAC™ Research Institute under the Performance Test Methods™ program for a variety of surfaces.
In addition, each assay utilizes the power of multiplexing several targets during the same run.

SIMUL q-PCR on display

Sample Collection

Sample Collection on display

Accuracy and precision are key when collecting your environmental samples. All of our products are designed specifically for environmental surface testing in food centric facilities to offer exceptional quality, with reliable and accurate results for increased productivity and efficiency.
Our Quick Release Sampler offers a safer and more durable device for sampling the environment surrounding the food and beverage industry. All aspects of the design have been optimized to provide companies with the best product for sample collection.

Microbiological Media

When testing food and environmental samples for pathogens and indicator organisms, it is essential to have media with the correct pH, inhibitors and nutrients to grow your target organism(s). We offer a variety of media products for your testing needs.

Microbiological Media on display

Buffers and Dilutions


Buffers and Dilution on display

We offer Butterfield’s Buffer and Phosphate Buffer in cost effective and convenient ready to use dilution bottles. 90 ml and 99 ml Sterilized Pre-filled Dilution Bottles featuring a tamper evident sterility strip integrated in the cap. The 9 mL bottle feature a locking hinge. These ready to use vials will reduce errors in mixing and provide reliable and consistent results.

Lab Supplies

When it comes to laboratory processes, accuracy and precision are vital in ensuring reproducible results. Applied Food Diagnostics laboratory supplies provide improved performance and reliable outcomes.

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